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Nice to meet you!

Kimberly Davidson, new mom and long-time city dweller turned country star-gazer, graduated with Honors and as Valedictorian from Toronto’s leading school of nutrition, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Now a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and the founder of Sans Kitchen, Kimberly focuses on helping busy families find a healthy balance amongst the everyday chaos! 


Once being a costume maker for Cirque du Soleil, Kimberly loves bringing that creativity to the kitchen, adapting her own techniques to the many skills she learned at school as well as the Authentic Thai Cooking program in Chang Mai, Thailand. She has since worked for many of the great caterers of Toronto, adding healthy twists to the cooking techniques gained from each of them. Kimberly also ran a cafe in the beautiful Distillery District where she introduced many healthy items to the crowd favourites.

Along with healthy food, Kimberly is passionate about our planet. Her goal is for Sans Kitchen to eventually be zero waste and is striving hard to achieve that. 

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